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Don't let time fly by
without leaving a mark
in your life and your practice

Welcome to Consulting

As a dentist, you take pride in providing your patients with excellent care and seeing them achieve the smiles they deserve.  You provide your patients an expertise formed by years of experience so they can make excellent choices for their dental care.  Gene St. Louis Consulting, LLC, offers this same kind of personal, up close, and experienced guidance you provide your own patients. For over thirty years, we’ve been helping dentists and their teams nationwide grow their offices and educating them on office culture dynamics by providing personalized programs designed specifically to fit your needs as a business owner. Whether you are starting a practice from the ground up, needing help with your existing practice, or acquiring additional practices, we have the experience and compassion to lead you through every step of the way.

What our clients are saying

Gene was instrumental in helping me find, evaluate, and purchase my practice directly out of dental school. Her energy and enthusiasm for the profession is unparalleled to anyone I have ever come into contact with. She truly loves what she does and always looks out for her client’s best interests. Gene uses her experience and up to date knowledge to make sure all her clients reach their full potential.

Dr. Ed Hanley Cambridge Dental

Your practice will only be stronger if Gene is a part of it. She has the great work ethic of the generation before us, the knowledge and expertise of a veteran, the uncanny ability to prepare for the future and the energy of the youth of today! I looked forward to our meetings because they brought me personal and professional peace. She would teach me something I had never done before. Human principles that Gene brought to our practice led us to new and incredible heights, reaching production and collection levels I’ve only dreamed of. I also became a better leader and manager.

Dr. James D Rohan Chicago Style Smiles

Here’s the issue: We work hard, we treat our patients with the utmost care, and we can’t seem to get where we need to be financially. Too much debt, not enough new patients. This is where a guiding coach comes into play. “But why can’t I do this by myself?” Look, even great athletes need a coach to get them to the next level. The coach I chose and highly recommend is Gene St. Louis. She definitely got me over the wall and to the next level! After 31 years of private practice I’ve learned a thing or two. One is right coach: right result. Bad coach: bad result. Gene St. Louis IS the RIGHT coach!

Dr. Leonard Miada Clear Ridge Dental Care