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Trust Gene St. Louis's tailored approach to help secure your vision and financial future while building your dental practice

Gene St. Louis


Gene St. Louis is a nationally recognized expert in dental practice management. She built her company from the ground up, holding both clinical and administrative positions prior to her consulting career. Having participated in the day-to-day operations of dental practices gives Gene a unique, insider advantage of how offices succeed. Clients feel confident with her first-hand experience that translates into relatable, personable, and reliable expertise. Gene firmly believes in building positive relationships—whether it be personal interactions, business engagements or public forums—which lead to profitable results.

Gene has worked with hundreds of clients and has a national presence. She writes for a variety of dental publications and is regularly invited to speak at the top dental meetings throughout the United States and Canada.

Trust Gene St. Louis's tailored approach to help secure your vision and financial future while building your dental practice

Paige Marshall

Practice Analyst

Paige has been a dental practice analyst for over 22 years. She brings passion and positive energy to her clients every day. She is dedicated to building a strong sense of community within each and every dental practice while supporting the doctor’s vision. Her focus on team excellence and raising the bar showcases the possibilities in dentistry today! With a high level of energy, kindness and patience, she has helped many dental practices achieve their practice goals utilizing evidence-based practice strategies.

It is her goal to motivate and improve leadership among dental teams, which in turn will take a practice from “Good to Great.” Because of Paige’s extensive experience and passion for dentistry she prides herself on delivering solutions to the dental practice’s daily challenges.

Additionally, she has successfully worked with many financially troubled practices; identifying a slippery slope and developing course corrections to allow implementation of best practice management strategies.

Trust Gene St. Louis's tailored approach to help secure your vision and financial future while building your dental practice

Molly Singer

Practice Analyst

Molly Singer is a highly experienced dental professional with over 39 years of expertise in the field. She is a licensed dental radiographer and has served in various clinical and administrative roles throughout her career.

Molly's experience includes serving as a patient coordinator, treatment coordinator, lead dental assistant, insurance coordinator, treatment coordinator, practice administrator, office manager (solo and group), systems manager, group practice COO, PMS trainer, dental IT product specialist, digital radiography software trainer, predoctoral clinic manager at The Ohio State College of Dentistry, director of operations for a group practice small DSO, dental practice risk analyst with a large dental practice lender, and national dental practice management consultant.

Molly has also published several articles on practice management and avoiding data breaches in dental practice and has lectured and created CE content for general and specialty practices.

Molly is a mother of four and grandmother of four who attended The Ohio State University and is a Buckeye fan. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, puzzles, learning new technology, kayaking, meeting new people, traveling, going to the beach, long bicycle rides on her road bike, and spending time with her family. She is currently learning Italian and planning a trip to Italy with her youngest daughter.

Overall, Molly Singer is a seasoned dental professional with a diverse skill set and a passion for excellence. Her wealth of experience and knowledge make her an invaluable asset to any dental practice.

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