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I have had the pleasure of working with Gene St. Louis for the past year for my practice acquisition and transition. She did a very thorough analysis of the practice that I was purchasing and therefore I knew the demographics and strengths and weaknesses of my office before I owned it. After my acquisition, Gene analyzed my staff by coming for on-site visits and working with my staff in order to develop systems. She is very knowledgeable and intuitive with how to approach a dental office staff. She is able to get to know everyone and open herself up to each individual personality in order to teach the individual how to work up to his/her own potential. Over her many years of dental experience, Gene has developed a “tracker” system which has tremendously helped my office to double check treatment plans and know what has been scheduled and what treatment is left unscheduled. Gene has also left a large amount of templates for myself and staff to use for many other aspects of dental office issues. I believe that this system along with Gene’s knack for communication, professionalism and punctuality has set me on a track to double the revenue of the selling dentist in the next year of my practice ownership. She is an excellent consultant and gives top-notch service on a much more intimate and non-corporate level. I would definitely recommend Gene St. Louis Consulting.

Misty Henne, D.M.D.

Cherry Family Dental

San Jose, CA


Gene was instrumental in helping me find, evaluate, and purchase my practice directly out of dental school. Her energy and enthusiasm for the profession is unparalleled to anyone I have ever come into contact with. She truly loves what she does and always looks out for her client’s best interests. Gene uses her experience and up to date knowledge to make sure all her clients reach their full potential.

Dr. Ed Hanley

Cambridge Dental

Tinley Park, IL


It has been a pleasure working with Gene. She is very knowledgeable and thorough with years of good experience but what really sets her apart is her high ethical standards and dedication to excellence. I have felt very comfortable trusting her expertise to help make important decisions in my transactions and I am very confident in recommending her to friends and colleagues.

Nicole Sazgar, D.D.S.

Couture Smiles

Woodland Hills, CA


Your practice will only be stronger if Gene is a part of it. She has the great work ethic of the generation before us, the knowledge and expertise of a veteran, the uncanny ability to prepare for the future and the energy of the youth of today! I looked forward to our meetings because they brought me personal and professional peace. She would teach me something I had never done before. Human principles that Gene brought to our practice led us to new and incredible heights, reaching production and collection levels I’ve only dreamed of. I also became a better leader and manager.

Dr. James D. Rohan

Chicago Style Smiles

Chicago, IL

After a couple of years of being an associate, I felt ready for practice ownership. After searching around for different practices, I found a profitable one I liked. I had Gene St. Louis perform the due diligence. After her analysis, she concluded that this would not be a good practice for me, and she laid out the reasons why. She advised that I stay patient and continue my search for a better fit practice. Time has passed, and I finally found and purchased my dream practice. As I look back, I realize how her guidance saved me from a potential million dollar mistake. If anyone is looking for someone to help with the due diligence process of a practice acquisition, I would highly recommend Gene St. Louis.

Jin Chung, D.D.S.

Hayward, CA


Gene’s Practice Evaluation service was very insightful. Her services have really helped me examine the practice from a new set of eyes. I value the feedback provided, such as the fee analysis as well as identification of areas of opportunity in the office. Gene definitely made me feel more confident in assessing the practice to make sure it was the right fit for me. I’m so glad I had Gene’s guidance to help me navigate and expedite the buy-out process. Gene has also been extremely helpful in ensuring that the office transition proceeded smoothly. I also appreciate how Gene is always available by text, phone or email to address any questions or concerns. I highly recommend Gene and her dental consulting services!

Quinn Chen, D.D.S.

Salem, IL


I was introduced to Gene St. Louis by my attorney while I was considering a dental practice to purchase. Gene immediately got involved in the process. She was willing to review all the details from the practice evaluation and provide valuable insight to the practice cash flow. Gene was able to identify the numbers that needed further investigation and gave advice on the best way to attain those details from the seller. She provided these services in a very timely manner and her analysis helped with my decision on the practice purchase. If you are looking for an experienced professional during a practice transition, I would highly recommend the services of Gene St. Louis.

Aman Bhullar, D.M.D., F.I.C.O.I

The Glen Dental

San Jose, CA


Here’s the issue: We work hard, we treat our patients with the utmost care, and we can’t seem to get where we need to be financially. Too much debt, not enough new patients. This is where a guiding coach comes into play. “But why can’t I do this by myself?” Look, even great athletes need a coach to get them to the next level. The coach I chose and highly recommend is Gene St. Louis. She definitely got me over the wall and to the next level! After 31 years of private practice I’ve learned a thing or two. One is right coach: right result. Bad coach: bad result. Gene St. Louis IS the RIGHT coach!

Dr. Leonard Maida

Clear Ridge Dental Care

Chicago, IL

I did a practice evaluation with Gene for an existing dental practice I was considering to purchase. The current owner stated he wanted to go back to being an associate because he did not have much business sense to run a dental practice. The practice evaluation was very thorough and broke down the practice in different categories. The positives and areas of potential were clearly presented in the report. Gene personally reviewed the entire report with me. The purchase of an existing practice can be rewarding and risky, but getting a professional practice evaluation with Gene helped clarify a lot of questions and provided invaluable information to help me determine if the practice was the right fit for me and had the potential to succeed in the future. I would highly recommend getting a professional practice evaluation from Gene.

David Pham, D.D.S.

Fullerton, CA

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