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Silver Acquisition Program

For dentists looking for guidance during the acquisition process

Acquisition Program

Even though the purchase of a practice offers exciting changes, this period can be exhausting and quite cumbersome to navigate successfully. Dentists and their teams must juggle their everyday activities alongside the process of the acquisition as well. In almost every case, neither the selling dentist or purchasing dentist have experienced this process before. Gene St. Louis Consulting guides you every step of the way ensuring you understand how to optimize success.

Both staff and patient retention are critical elements especially during the first year or two after the purchase. We have provided the roadmap for hundreds of dentists and their teams. You can count on our expertise to make sure your acquisition is a seamless journey. We will not overwhelm the existing team by creating a whirlwind of change. Working in harmony, we teach teams the skills they need to help you take the existing practice from good to great while still achieving your vision for the practice.


Patient Advocacy | We develop patient advocate roles with all team members to support your patient’s relationships and increase their appreciation of your work.

Communication Skills | We coach your team to enhance their communication skills and understanding of the patient experience to create recognized effectiveness in your practice systems.

SWOT | We evaluate and analyze each area of the business systems used by the practice by engaging the SWOT rule: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Treats.

Action Plan | Measurement, accountability, and implementation of the action plan is an essential part of our program.

There are many consulting firms you can choose for this help, let us show you what makes us different.


What You Can Expect

Throughout the year, Gene St. Louis Consulting will work with your team to achieve greater customer satisfaction while streamlining your business systems. Here is a snapshot of what you can expect:

  • Develop Goals and Objectives
  • Production Statistics
  • Collection Statistics
  • Financial History Analysis
  • Hygiene Department Development
  • Staffing and Training
  • Job Roles
  • Patient Flow
  • Patient Demographic
  • Scheduling
  • Daily Operations
  • Hygiene Retention
  • Treatment Planning
  • Technology Plan
  • Overhead Management
  • Insurance Systems
  • Facility Capacity
  • Internal and External Marketing


Start | Prior to closing on the practice

  • Unlimited telephone and email support
  • Review of timeline and activities to be completed to ensure a seamless acquisition
  • Questionnaires provided for team members prior on-site visit regarding previous owner/systems
  • Creation of Transition Letter

Month 1 | Initial on-site visit — 4 days in office

  • Meeting with Doctor to review team questionnaires and personality profiles the evening before on-site visit
  • 4 day initial on-site analysis and implementation of business systems; on last 2 days, no patients are scheduled
  • 30 day action plan
  • Practice Analysis Report delivered within 3 weeks of on-site visit — includes implementation process

Month 2

  • One on one team meetings via video conferencing
  • 30 day action plan

Months 3-5

Video conferencing coaching with doctor/team includes:

  • Monthly monitoring progress
  • Implementation updates and coaching
  • Overhead Analysis
  • Fee Analysis

Month 6

  • Progress review of systems and implementation
  • Action Plan Review
  • Evaluate next steps for practice
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